The ChainSM Platform

The ChainSM platform leverages cryptography and blockchain technologies to secure information, while simultaneously defending the identity in an intuitive, easy to use interface.

The ChainSM platform provides users control over who else can access their information and when and where they can access it from. Every action taken is recorded in an immutable blockchain record, thereby preserving reputation, significantly reducing the risk of information breach, and ensuring compliance.


Elevate Experience

Our EveryiSM ChainSM Experience Center allows you to dramatically improve speed and security of your internal as well as external-facing assets and transactions.

Accelerate Digital Innovation

i2ChainSM defines, designs, builds, integrates and manages next generation applications using blockchain and smart contract technology. We provide full program management, services integration, and strategic sourcing to ensure the security of enterprise content.

Secure Enterprise

Secure mission-critical enterprise information, processes and transactions using our blockchain and security technologies.

About Us

Ajay Jotwani


Patricia Bolton

Chief Strategist

Hamid Sadjadpour

Chief Scientist

Mark Manasse

Chief Cryptographer


Madhukar Govindaraju

Head, ML/AI Engineering, VMWare

Ranga Jayaraman


Darren Sandford

Sr. VP, Operations, AireSpring

Devesh Sharma

VP, GTM & Strategic Partners, SAP

i2Chain is a San Francisco-based startup focused on securing information & identity; we are elevating experience using Blockchain and Cognitive Science algorithms. Our EveryiSM and ChainSM Platforms allow for easy deployment that is fully GDPR compliant.

Our leadership team has deep expertise in these technologies and the experience to timely & efficiently secure information across the extended enterprise.

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